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Coffee Commodities

Coffee Commodities



Situbondo Regency is one of the largest Arabica coffee producing regions in East Java. The farmers around the crater of Mount Ijen have run an organic Arabica coffee farm for generations that have been maintained until now. Cultivation that avoids the use of various chemicals and pesticides, both when fertilizing and combating pests and diseases. The same treatment when processing coffee beans into HS (there are soft shells) or ose (dry coffee beans).

The superior Arabica coffee produced is organic coffee cultivation and is one of the oldest coffee varieties in Indonesia. In addition to organic arabica coffee, this plantation is also being intensively developed the cultivation of organic arabica civet coffee as their superior product in the last few years.

Located in the crater area of ​​Mount Ijen with a height of 760 – 1550 meters above sea level and temperatures around 20-25 degrees Celsius produce a very unique taste and aroma. The uniqueness of this flavor in the form of the sensation of the taste of nuts and a little chocolate sensation. Soft coffee texture so that it seems sweet in its presentation and the distinctive aroma when first brewed.

Mount Ijen Arabica Coffee has lighter characteristics with low acidity compared to other types of Arabica coffee. The resulting sour taste is very exotic.


The majority of coffee farmers on the slopes of Mount Ijen plant the Arabica type, but 10% of the land area is planted with Robusta coffee. Robusta coffee is mainly grown on land near the main road in the area, with a slope above 45 degrees. This is because the Robusta coffee tree trunk is stronger, and its roots stick to the ground and are relatively resistant to the effects of vehicle fumes. This plant also functions as a reinforcing plant and prevents soil from erosion. Just like Arabica coffee, this Robusta coffee plant is also treated with an organic system.

The majority of Robusta coffee farmers remain with the concept of organic farming as Arabica coffee cultivation. Luwak robusta coffee cultivation was also developed as their other superior product.



Robusta coffee is planted around the slopes of Mount Semeru with a height of 600 meters above sea level. Coffee in this area is better known as Amstirdam Coffee, which is taken from the names of several coffee-producing villages on the slopes of Mount Semeru in southern Malang Regency (Ampelgading, Sumbermanjing, Tirtoyudo and Dampit). Robusta coffee cultivation dominates plantations compared to Arabica coffee, because it is considered more appropriate.

Amstirdam coffee is famous for its delicious and unique taste because it grows on rocks containing various minerals. Distinctive aroma and taste that is produced by the sensation of sweet and sweet palm sugar.

The quality of Javanese coffee is one of the best coffees in the world, including coffee from Malang Regency which is certified by the Common Code for the Community Coffee Association (4C Association), which is the world coffee industry association based in Bonn, Germany.

Under the Amstirdam coffee farmer group, it continues to develop the coffee industry in Malang, especially in terms of increasing coffee production. The existence of coffee plantations in Malang Regency is quite calculated, considering that Malang is the third largest coffee producer in Indonesia after Lampung and Toraja (South Sulawesi).

Coffee from this region has been able to meet the needs of industry in large factories in the country as well as export demand to several countries such as the United States, Europe, and Japan, Russia and the Middle East.



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