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Husked Coconut

Husked Coconut

Husked Coconut

Our supply of coconut is peeled coconut with eyes covered with coir (left a little), still brown (not black yet), weighing at least 9 ounces per grain. Characteristics of old coconuts will generally make a sound when the coconuts are shaken, the husk is not wet and the tip of the fruit does not grow buds.

This type of coconut is a green coconut which has another name Cocos Viridis. The skin color is green. The tree has a large and tall size and the fruit has a size large enough.

Coconut cultivation can be found in plantations not far from the shoreline with rainfall intensity of 1300-2300 mm per year or even more, with a height of 600 meters above sea level, as well as areas with sufficient intensity of sunlight.

Our coconuts are sent directly from coconut plantations and coconut collectors in the islands in East Java. Coconut fruit that is thick and can produce thick coconut milk is a special characteristic of this coconut.

The form of coconut packaging according to the client’s request, both already in the form of packing waring sacks that have been through the sorting process and can be directly raised to containers or coconut granules directly to the warehouse without packing.

Product Features:

Type: Coconut

Husk Type: Semi-Husked or Free Husked

Varieties: Old Coconut

Class designation: Class A, B

Size (cm): 12-13 cm (approximately)

Weight (grams): 900 – and above

Packaging: 25 coconuts in a net bag

Color: brown / light

Certification: Phytosanitary

Place of Origin: East Java Province-Indonesia

Optional Information:

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Delivery Details: 2 weeks after order confirmation

Minimum Order: 25000 pieces (1 container)

Port: Surabaya – Indonesia


1X20FCL: Around 12000

40FCL: Around 25000

40HC: Around 27,000

Optional Information

  • Payment:
  • Delivery: 2-4 days after order confirmation
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Minimum Order: 25000 pieces



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